What Is Identity Healing?

Advanced EFT based techniques to help us soothe, resource and re-integrate those fragmented parts of ourselves that struggle, so that we can feel more whole.

What did you learn when you were growing up?

You learn a lot when you are growing up: some of it is useful and serves you your entire life, some of it might be harmful and be harmful for your entire life.

  • Jane is certain she’s not good enough. She is a skillful professional, much admired by her co-workers, however hard she tries (and succeeds) she still feels that there is something wrong with her. Her friends regularly reassure her that she is a great person, listing all the ways in which she excels, but deep down she knows she is not good enough. It’s as if the young girl who was such a disappointment to her mother is still in there, crying and unloved, hidden behind a mask of confidence and assurance.
  • Joe hates himself. He hates who he is and how he has failed. His father was very critical of Joe (and his other children). All Joe got was sarcasm and complaint, now it’s as if he has adopted his father’s attitude to himself as his own. On the inside a cruel and critical Joe humiliates and berates a young Joe.
  • Katie is sometimes seized by a powerful stress response. She is paralysed by anxiety, losing her ability to think and act like an adult. She says “It’s as if I stop being a capable adult and become a terrified child.” However hard she tries to be a calm grown up in her 40s, her younger self is terrified and takes over.

No-one is born thinking these thoughts or having these responses, we have to learn that we are not good enough or to hate ourselves.

These thoughts, feelings and responses are very persuasive, it’s hard to talk or think yourself out of them.

Sometimes, these thoughts show themselves in sentences that begin with ‘I am …’, as you can see in this beautiful and eloquent video from Rikke Kjelgaard how many of us struggle with these thoughts and feelings.

To release this kind of suffering you need to resolve the unconscious processes below the surface of the conscious mind: the Identity Healing® processes are designed to do just that.

A Simple Introduction To Identity Healing

In this short video I explain the Identity Healing processes that I created to work with these issues.

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

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