Identity Healing®

Identity Healing® is an integrated set of processes developed for EFT Practitioners to undo troublesome identity beliefs and inner conflicts. They are not a miracle cure or a therapy in themselves, but used in the context of therapy they can help facilitate deep and lasting change for the better.

Identity Healing

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heal (verb):
Old English hælan “cure; save; make whole, sound and well,” from hailjan, literally “to make whole”

Identity Healing For Individuals

Most people haven’t had a completely perfect upbringing, some of us may have had an awful upbringing.

We all do our best to get by as we are growing up, but some of our survival strategies and the conclusions we came to cause trouble in our adult lives.

For example: if you feel that you are not good enough or feel like a young distressed part of you is running parts of your life then those are signs of those old beliefs and strategies.

The Identity Healing processes are designed to help us undo some of the unhelpful aspects of our upbringing.

Identity Healing For Professionals

If you are an EFT Practitioner you may find that working with clients who have painful identity issues can be challenging.

Helping people with problems about ‘who they are’ (identity) is much more complicated than working with ‘what happened to them’ (memories), what they think (beliefs) or ‘what they feel’ (feelings).

Identity beliefs and conflicts form when a constellation of feelings, beliefs and behaviours are split-off from ourselves at times of stress in our early lives. These split-off younger parts of ourselves encapsulate all the feelings, thoughts and behaviours that were present at the time of the split.

In standard EFT approaches the practitioner identifies and neutralises the memories that caused the person to feel not good enough, hate themselves or be gripped with childlike panic. Undoing the formation of these identities by soothing those memories allows the client to adopt new identities, free of the stress and distress of the original experience.

Rather than identifying and working with specific memories, Identity Healing takes a different approach: it doesn’t work with memories, it works directly with those ‘younger selves’, soothing their stress, giving them the resources they need, then re-integrates them into our adult selves.

Learning to use Identity Healing techniques gives EFT Practitioners a powerful and graceful way of working with painful identity beliefs and suffering younger selves.


While Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and the Identity Healing processes have produced excellent clinical results neither are yet widely accepted as formally validated scientific techniques and thus must be considered experimental in nature with no guaranteed outcome in any individual.

Neither EFT or Identity Healing are therapies in themselves and all of the descriptions of treatment are not meant to imply that everyone will benefit in a particular way.

Adverse effects are extremely rare, and, if any emotional intensity occurs in treatment, it is often the result of a previous or underlying problem.

Important: The word ‘Healing’ in the name ‘Identity Healing’ describes the intent of the process: to help people become less fragmented and more whole, it is not the promise of a cure.