Iréne Ödmark-Hall

About me

I’ve been tapping for almost 20 years now, and am constantly amazed at the beauty and effectiveness of this multi-faceted method. Tapping makes me feel alive, creative, connected – both to myself, my clients and what is important in life.

I am Scandinavia’s only EFT International Master Trainer, and the current chair of the Swedish EFT Association.

What I can offer

In my client work I mainly focus on social anxiety, fear of public speaking, cancer, sleep issues and other stress related problems.

My own experience of growing up in a family marked by trauma has given me good insights in the complexity of human nature and all the different ways we try to protect ourselves from pain. I have also learned that cultivating compassion is powerful medicine to help us grow out of our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

I gratefully quote a client who once gave me this testimonial: “With intuition, gentleness and humour Iréne uses her own blend of Tapping approaches combined with imagework and mindfulness, to create a safe space for healing and inner growth.”


Identity Healing is a new and absolutely marvellous new tool in my toolbox, where you’ll also find Picture Tapping, Hypnotherapy and Intention Tapping. I’m a certified Symbolpedagog (a Swedish training on how to work with symbols and metaphors in writing, painting, dreams, movement, rituals etc.) and certified in the Zen Way of Coaching.

How to reach me

Drop me a line on, and we’ll set up a time for a free chat to find out if I can help you feel better about being you.

You can also check my website (it will hopefully translate automatically into English).