Practitioner Training

”… fun, really interesting and jam packed with knowledge - without being overwhelming.

[The training] was fun, really interesting and jam packed with knowledge - without being overwhelming.

There was a nice structure to the lessons, they were extremely pedagogical and well thought out. I liked the way you used metaphors to make things clear, and how you picked up on what you saw in the break out rooms to give us feeback and additional reminders afterwards.

We got good info beforehand, and the manual is a little treasure trove to dip into now after the training.

Iréne Ödmark-Hall, EFT International Master EFT Trainer

This training gives experienced EFT Practitioners a practical and thorough introduction to using Identity Healing for their clients and themselves.

It is a 16 hour training (4 x 4 hour modules) which teaches you how to use the Identity Healing processes for yourself and your clients.

This is a hands on and experiential training in a small group with structured exercises, demonstrations, pair practice and lots of feedback to help you learn how to use these processes.

This training will show you how to:

  • Quickly and easily identify identity beliefs and issues from the language that your client uses.
  • Dissolve challenging identity beliefs and enable a deeper sense of personal integration and self acceptance
  • Use a simple two step process to identify and uncover distressed sub-personalities associated with those identity beliefs.
  • Make those sub-personalities ‘tappable’.
  • Relieve those sub-personalities of distress by soothing their flight, fight, freeze responses.
  • Identify what those younger parts of themselves would have needed, at the time of formation, to be better able to handle the situations they found themselves in.
  • Make use of the resources and unconscious wisdom of the client to help them heal their sub-personalities.
  • Direct those resources using visualisation and metaphor so your clients can make the changes they want to make.
  • Integrate those previously isolated and struggling parts back into their adult selves.
  • Use visualisation, metaphor and trance-work to enhance your results.
  • Add a new dimension to working with parts of ourselves.

You will receive a comprehensive 170 page, paperback manual and a certificate of completion. You will also become a member of the Identity Healing community website with confidential access to additional training materials and group discussions with other practitioners for peer support.

“The approach allowed us to focus on building and practising each skill”

“I liked the way you broke down the process and gave us the experience of the essential elements of identifying and soothing, then resourcing before assembling the parts into the whole process. The approach allowed us to focus on building and practising each skill , developing a deeper understanding once those skills were placed in the context of the process.

For me, this initial separation of elements helped to make sense of the process as the scaffold for the deep work and improved the flow of the learning - and the work itself.”

Heather Carter, EFT Practitioner and Life Coach

What Happens In The Practitioner Training?

The practitioner training is designed to be friendly and relaxed, while giving the trainees a thorough and practical grounding in the skills of Identity Healing.

The trainings are small (with no more than 12 trainees) and low key to make them friendly and guarantee the maximum amount of feedback and guidance for you as a trainee.

The Identity Healing Practitioner training is divided into four, four-hour modules.

This training is 75% practice and 25% presentation, so if you like to practice what you are learning this is the training for you, if you want to learn about something rather than do it, you probably wont enjoy this training as much.

Module 1

In the first module we go through the theoretical perspective, or model, of identity beliefs and issues that inform the process. Having this understanding helps you make sense of the pieces and how they work together.

To prepare for running the full process in Module 2, you practice a series of ‘skill builder’ exercises to give you some experience of the parts of the process.

This approach builds a ‘scaffolding’ to help you understand and be skillful in some of the component parts of the process. When you come to use this approach for a real issue those skills are already available to you and you can direct your attention to the finer points of the process.

Module 2

In the second module we introduce the final pieces of the process, followed by a demonstration of the full process. The rest of the module is taken up with two practice sessions where you run the process with feedback and support from the training team.

In the second session we explore the crucial elements of identifying the younger self from a real identity belief. The trainer gives a live demonstration of the full Identity Integration process (the fundamental process of Identity Healing).

After the demonstration you have time to run a full Identity Integration process with each other with ample time for feedback and questions during the process.

At the end of the first two modules you will have experienced the process for yourselves for the first time and had the experience of taking a person through the process themselves.

Module 3

While the Identity Healing processes are simple in principle, in practice people are complicated: there is a lot to learn.

In the third module we explore some of the finer points of the process and there is another opportunity for supervised pair practice.

Module 4

In the fourth and final module we explore the use of Identity Healing in resolving disassociated memories.

Although Identity Healing is not a memory based process it turns out that it can be used very effectively to work with certain kinds of memory that are more difficult to clear with standard EFT processes.

After a final pair practice session we introduce some of the ways trainees can use the Identity Healing processes for their own self help.

“It gives me pleasure to be able to guide my clients through such a gentle process, that leads to such remarkable results."

I first heard about Identity healing when chatting with a fellow participant during my advanced EFT practitioner training.

I was immediately interested as I’d found parts work to be a great way of getting in touch with those deeper emotions, which can sometimes be difficult to access with standard EFT.

After reading about Identity Healing on the website, I was convinced this was a course of training I wanted to undertake, and signed up a few days later.

I’m delighted that I did. The training process was interesting, enjoyable and really well structured. I always felt as if I was learning something and making progress, but never felt overwhelmed with new information. I was also impressed with the printed training manual that arrived in the post a week before the course started.

Since completing the course I have been incorporating it into my therapy sessions. It’s a fantastic tool to have, and I’m always happy, when at the end of each session, I’m told how beautiful, emotional and powerful the client has found the experience. Fun is also a word that pops up a lot, especially when resourcing their younger self. It gives me pleasure to be able to guide my clients through such a gentle process, that leads to such remarkable results. It’s definitely a technique I will keep coming back to.

I’ve found this training has done nothing but enhance my existing training, and I think of it as money well spent.

Lorna Chapman, Therapist

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Training Requirements

This is not a beginner’s training, you must be familiar and experienced with standard EFT approaches.

The minimum entry requirements to take this training are:

  • an EFT International Level 2 (or higher) certificate (or its equivalent).
  • be a member in good standing of a recognised EFT organisation: EFT International, EFT Guild, EFT Universe, etc.
  • at least one year’s tapping experience with clients.
  • current professional liability insurance for EFT.

To make the best of the Identity Healing techniques you need:

  • Good rapport and calibration skills
  • A confident grasp of EFT
  • The ability to make and keep people feeling safe as they do deep work
  • Flexibility and patience
  • Some experience of NLP would be helpful but it is not a necessity.

This training is for people who like small training group situations, the maximum number of participants is 12 people. If you prefer to work in the anonymity of a crowd this training isn’t for you.

Although Identity Healing is a ‘simple six step process’ navigating those six steps correctly requires skill, judgement and flexibility.

IMPORTANT: This training alone is not enough for you to become a certified Identity Healing Practitioner.

You need to demonstrate that your skills and abilities are at a sufficient level to receive certification.

You can find out more about the certification process here